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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  January 13, 2018 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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dangerous floods. residents told to evacuate. temperatures plummeting from the gulf coast through the northeast. nearly 200 million people facing an arctic blast. mark wahlberg paying up in the face of outcry. tonight the superstar's massive donation after earning a thousand times more than his female co-star. terror on board a greyhound bus. a 911 call for a passenger with a gun.
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the police chase crossing state lines before authorities moved in. and the millionaire millennial. the 20-year-old with 282 million reons to smile. he can pop the champagne. he just can't drink it. good evening, and thank you for joining us on a very busy saturday. i'm cecilia vega in for tom llamas. we begin tonight with complete panic and chaos in hawaii after that emergency alert sounded across the islands just after 8:00 a.m. local time. residents seen running for cover. families hiding in bomb shelters. take a listen. >> this is not a drill. take immediate action measure. >> reporter: the dire warning of a ballistic missile threat buzzing on cell phones stripped across television screens. residents told to seek immediate shelter, quote, this is not a drill.
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it took 38 minutes for the all clear for some people. the message, a human error false alarm, and it comes weeks after hawaii reinstated a cold war era missile alert system in the event of an attack by north korea following kim jong-un's repeated tests. in hawaii tonight the governor saying an employee at shift change is to blame, but there are so many questions still, and abc's stephanie ramos starts us off from the pentagon. hawaiians fleeing and this message going out on cell phones reading, ballistic missile threat inbound. seek immediate shelter. this is not a drill. the warnings left an entire state terrified. >> we were up on a mountain and almost like fell off it trying to get to our children. >> reporter: people pulling over in tunnels, tourists hunkering down in hotels. >> people are hiding in tunnels,
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people are locking down their homes, they're heading for the mountains. >> reporter: one mother saying her daughter was away at a slummer barth when the alert went out. >> and so she calls me because they're all getting the alert. mom, what are we supposed to do? i'm like, stay there. if something happens, no matter what do not leave that house. >> reporter: families filling up their bathtub with water and stocking up on supplies. the people of hawaii have been on edge in recent mops as north's kim jong-un moves closer to perfecting a nuclear-tipped missile. just last month, hawaii tested their nuclear attack warning sirens for the first time since the 19980s. but this was not real. 12 minutes after tusli gabbard said this is a false alarm. norrad with assets in place to detect a missile approaching saw the state had not corrected the alert so clarified saying the message was sent in error.
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but hawaiian officials didn't send out that correction message statewide for 38 minutes. >> this should not have happened. >> reporter: the governor says this was a result of human error. >> it was a procedure that occurs at the change of shift where they go through to make sure that the system is working and an employee pushed the wrong button. >> reporter: but tonight many are asking why did it take so long for a correction to go out? >> we need to work on the response time. if anything like this happens, the cancellation got to go right away. >> reporter: definitely some very big questions right now and stephanie joins us from the pentagon. stephanie, those warning systems are controlled by federal agent skis but tonight the blame is being blaised squarely on hawaii. >> reporter: absolutely, cecilia. the state's warning system is a fema capability. whoever has the alerting authority, either state or local, can push out those alert messages, now, a source here at
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the pentagon tells me today's false alert was a pure mistake by the hawaii emergency alert system. cecilia. >> stephanie ramos leading uyou. while human herer may be to blame, the chaos and confusion in hawaii today seemed to reveal a system not ready for the real thing. i want to bring in abc news contributor steve ganyard. as you have talked about so many times before, the threat from north korea obviously very real, but people today clearly did not know what to do. >> cecilia, this reaction, this panic that we saw in hawaii probably never would have happened just a few months ago. but now that we've seen north korea demonstrate a nuclear capability, threaten the united states with nuclear war, we need to go back to the future, go back to those cold war days where we took civil defense seriously and make sure that our warning systems are in place and that they work and we can't have a problem like we had today that was based on a simple human error. colonel ganyard, thank you.
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president trump was briefed on that situation in hawaii during his weekend away at mar-a-lago, his mar-a-lago estate. but it is the fallout from his oval office slur about immigrants that still has him under fire and now on the defensive. abc's david wright is traveling with the president in west palm beach, florida. >> reporter: tonight, president trump is blaming the democrats for the current impasse on immigration reform. "great opportunity missed," he tweeted today. "too bad!" this, at the end of a week that began with trump showing off the art of the deal. >> i'll take the heat. i don't care. i don't care. i'll take all the heat you want to give me. >> reporter: flamboyantly hosting a televised meeting with leaders from both parties in order to demonstrate he's a "very stable genius" on complicated policy matters. >> when this group anticipate others from the senate, from the house comes back with an agreement, i'm signing it. >> reporter: but what ultimately may have torpedoed the
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language, behind closed doors, to describe the countries whose immigrants he'd like to exclude. >> he said "put me down for wanting more europeans to come to this country. why don't we get more people from norway?" that is exactly what the president said. >> reporter: the president's comments are a laughingstock in norway. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: elsewhere the president's comments are a cause for outrage. and the african union wants an apology not just to the africans but to all the people of african descent around the globe. at a town hall meeting in iowa, republican senator chuck grassley had to answer concerns from his constituents about the comman >> i'm not president of the united states. i'm a check on the president of the united states. that's my constitutional responsibility. and i guess i am going to do what i can under our constitution to make sure that nothing bad happens to our
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country. >> lawmakers under fire there. david wright joins us from florida. we are days away from a possible government shutdown. this breakdown on immigration and the president's slur could have a real impact on that, david. >> reporter: that's right, cecilia. the federal government is due to run out of money on friday and the democrats hope to use that as leverage to get the deal they want. both the house and the national are out for the holiday weekend so only a few days left to fashion a compromise. and they don't seem anywhere close. cecilia. >> the clock is ticking. thank you, david. this week's brief thaw combined with heavy rain led to this. ice jams and flooding, swollen rivers forcing some residents to evacuate. that brief winter warm-up that we saw, it is longone tonight. temperatures are in a freefall and here's abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano. >> reporter: streets turning into ice rivers in pennsylvania. chunks of ice spilling into neighborhoods.
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the subzero temperatures striking as the last winter storm continues to torment the northeast. >> this is a road flooded by ice and water. >> reporter: a deep freeze followed by a quick thaw and heavy rain causing ice jams like this one in western pennsylvania. similar scenes across the northeast. our own doctor jen ashton in kent, connecticut, attending a hockey game, rising water forcing everyone out of the arena. >> this is normally an athletic field. it's already completely submerged. >> reporter: the river climbing halfway up the front doors of the school. nearby in simsbury, more broken up ice rushing with the flow of the swollen farmington river. ice jams in athol, massachusetts, flooding homes and prompting evacuations there. and watch this time lapse of a frozen river breaking up in upstate new york. chunks of ice choking forcing the river up, then releasing the river and the ice dangerously downstream. >> and it is cold out there. let's get right to rob on the west side highway. rob, how cold?
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how long are we talking? >> well, last 24 hours it is a body shocking drop in temperatures. in some cases 50 degrees colder now than it was this time yesterday. any water on the ground is flash freezing, some of those ice floes slowing down but may be jams going on tomorrow. temperatures brute a morning temp, below freezing all the way down to the gulf of mexico. 31 degrees in the big couple in windchills, it will be tough in the morning. below zerl feel like in burlington. another cold shot comesin. snow for the morning rush in chicago on monday and indianapolis and detroit, a light coating but, again, more cold after a very, very brief thaw. cecilia. >> get inside, my friend, rob. thank you. we wand to turn to a major headline in hollywood. superstar mark wahlberg, the actor under fire over that staggering pay gap with co-star michelle williams. today wahlberg announced he will donate more than a million
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dollars to show his support for pay equity. abc's erielle reshef has the details. >> reporter: tonight, mark wahlberg responding to a tidal wave of criticism, now donating more than a million dollars to the time's up legal the "all the money in the world" star and his agency, wme, coming under fire for a deal that guaranteed wahlberg $1.5 million to reshoot scenes that originally included fired actor kevin spacey. >> is this some kind of joke? >> reporter: wahlberg's co-star michelle williams, also represented by wme, and reportedly unaware of that y. >> i said not only would i, but i'll give you back my salary if that would help, and i'll give you my thanksgiving break, if that would help. >> reporter: wahlberg tonight making up for that disparity, saying he'll give up his entire reshoot fee, writing in a statement "i 100% support the fight for fair pay, and i'm donating the $1.5 million to the time's up legal defense fund in michelle williams' name." despite brokering wahlberg's
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deal, wme telling abc news "the current conversation is a reminder that those of us in a position of influence have a responsibility to challenge inequities, including the gender wage gap" adding the company is giving $500,000 to time's up in honor of its client, michelle williams. >> and erielle joins me now here live. i think a lot of people are wondering after hearing this whether michelle williams will get any upon after this. >> an insider tells us now that mark wahlberg has donated his reshoot feet, it's unlikely michelle williams will receive any more money. we did reach out to michelle williams' representatives for comment. so far we have not heard back. >> thank you for staying on this one for us. we want to turn next to a scary situation on a greyhound bus. a 911 call coming from on board. a passenger allegedly with a gun threatening to kill others on board and triggering a police chase that ended across state lines. abc's marci gonzalez has more. >> reporter: tonight, a suspect in custody accused of prompting a massive police pursuit. >> this is insane.
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>> reporter: while threatening passengers on this greyhound bus. >> that he was gonna kill us, that he was gonna put a bullet in our head. >> reporter: some of the 37 people on board t traveling from milwaukee to chicago around 10:00 friday night, calling police. >> it did look like he had a weapon. >> reporter: the bus not pulling over leading to a high-speed chase. >> the bus driver had no idea it was happening. >> reporter: officers from wisconsin and illinois shutting down the highway in both directions, throwing down stop sticks. >> tires are starting to shred on the bottom. >> reporter: the greyhound finally coming to a stop. >> they made us all get off one by one, with our hands up, had guns to us. >> reporter: police arresting 33-year-old marguerito they say the undocumented immigrant from mexico is now charged with making terroristic threats and disorderly conduct. >> this is a situation that really could have gone in a different direction when we think abouts with's happening in our country and mass shootings. we dodged a bullet. we really did. >> reporter: police say no one was hurt and they did not find a weapon. cecilia. >> okay, marci, thank you.
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we have a passing to report from inside our abc family. legendary sportscaster keith jackson. here's abc's adrienne bankert on the man that made that famous phrase "whoa, nelly" so famous. >> touchdown. >> reporter: if there was ever a voice that conjures up the majesty of sports' most memorable moments. >> vince young scores. >> reporter: it's keith jackson's, the thunderous heartbeat behind college football. >> college football doesn't exhibit the skills that pro football does, but it's got spirit. >> reporter: jackson embodied that spirit in a down home melodic style with some memorable catchphrases. >> whoa, nelly. the last time brian griese ran that far, his dad was chasing him with a stick. >> reporter: his more than 50-year career in broadcasting spent covering four world series, ten olympics. >> bruce jenner has got the world record in the decathlon sideways. >> reporter: most of those years reporting for abc sports
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starting in 1966. he traveled to 31 countries for "the wide world of sports." >> it is cowed the cinderella story. we've had all the romance, now let's find out if he can dance. >> reporter: awarded numerous honors, his greatest legacy will be for all those college games and for the way he delivered joy to every call. his booming and iconic signature never to be forgotten. >> he made it. >> reporter: adrienne bankert, abc news, new york. >> and keith jackson was 89. still ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday, bizarre and tragic details just coming in about a possible case of mistaken identity and murder. plus, the college student who vanished during a christmas vacation. tonight the shocking arrest. and caught on camera, that is a police car doing doughnuts, the investigation tonight. patrick woke up with a sore back. but he's got work to do. so he took aleve this morning.
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police calling it a murder-for-hire plot involving a case of mistaken identity. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: a florida mother is dead, police say the victim of a botched murder for hire and tonight three people are behind bars in a case of alleged mistaken identity. >> are you lopez-ramos? >> reporter: ishnar lopez-ramos appearing before a judge this morning. investigators say she hired this couple, alexis ramos-rivera and glorian quinones-montes to kill her romantic rival. but the pair got the wrong woman. >> over a mistaken identification and in the end, it appears to be a lover's triangle. wow! >> reporter: last sunday authorities say they camped out at this kissimmee, florida, ross where "the other woman" worked, and that's when they allegedly mistook 42-year-old janice marie zengotita-torres for their target. police say they followed her back to her apartment nearby where they kidnapped her, put
4:19 pm
her in the back of her own vehicle, and drove away, at one point using her atm card to take out money from a bank in orlando. at some point the group realized they had the wrong woman but authorities say they went through with their plan anyway. the big break, that atm card. thursday, investigators caught lopez-ramos using that stolen card dressed in allegedly the woman's clothes. >> this woman lost her life for no reason at all. >> reporter: authorities say they reached out to the woman who was the intended target and offered her protective services. they say she has declined. cecilia. >> eva, thank you. up next when we come back the big recall. the health alert about ice cream and what kathleen here did that had everyone around her totally stunned. stunned. proof of less joint pai. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis with humira.
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to the index and an update in the death of a 19-year-old college student. blaze bernstein was on christmas break from the university of pennsylvania visiting his parents in california, vanishing after going to a park with a high school friend. that friend in custody tonight arrested in bernstein's death. bernstein's mother calling it a senseless act. next to a massive recall of
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ice cream possibly tainted with listeria. check your freezers. about fieldbrook foods' raspberry, orange cream and chocolate coated vanilla bars from 30 stores across the country. stores like safeway, giant, and many more. most of the products have a 2018 expiration date. so far no illnesses reported. and in new york an investigation into a police officer who really likes doughnuts. sorry. we had to. this kind of doughnut. caught on camera. the officer was in an e. pi parking lot. the yonkers police commissioner says an internal review is under way. and meet kathleen, a very determined dog in oklahoma. her owners couldn't keep her when they moved from their home so she went to foster care. but not for long. kathleen ran away making the 20-mile trip back to her empty house not once but twice. the seminole animal shelther says she's been adopted now and moved into her permanent home today.
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absolutely. ask your doctor about jardiance. and get to the heart of what matters. finally tonight, the newest lottery winner is a millennial who just retired. shane missler has all the money in the world. there's just one problem -- he's so young, he can't even crack a bottle of champagne to celebrate. a $451 million jackpot. >> tonight's numbers are -- >> reporter: missler opting for the one time lump sum, making him a 20-year-old with $282 million in his pocket. being the millennial that he is, missler sharing his reaction on facebook, writing, "oh. my. god." yeah.
4:28 pm
we feel the same way. >> if i had -- how much money did he get? >> $450 million. >> oh, my lord! >> reporter: missler bought the ticket at this 7-eleven outside tampa. now missler says he's retiring and starting a company named secret 007 llc. here's some advice, shane. >> don't let the people who say we're friends, we're friends, remember they weren't your friends a couple of days ago. >> pay your taxes. invest. >> see the world travel. >> reporter: missler saying although i'm young i've had a crash course this week in financial manage many. he says he plans to help his familiar do some good and have some fun along the way, which shouldn't be too hard given that he's now worth about as much as taylor swift. put ite bank, shane. i'm cecilia vega. see you right back here tomorrow night. good night.
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